• Instashield is a Virus Slayer and Innovative Electron based technology. It is a plug and play device with easy and instant installation.
  • It fires trillions of negatively charged viruses as it has an electrons generator for disabling all types of viruses including CoronaVirus. Also has 99.9% efficacy against all viruses within 18 mins.
  • This medical appliance is completely safe and has no effect at all on Human and Animal body or the environment. This kills every virus within the radius of 5000 sq.ft. area.
  • Instashield has successfully passed the regress 16 step tests and certified with CCMB certificate.

MRP ₹ 20,000/-

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Certified by CCMB



Virus attach to
Human cells and
causing infection


Photons of high
Intensity are Produced


Electrons emitted
Forming are electron cloud

Virus Attenuated

Electrons attach
to viruses, neutralising the
positive charge.