FERMAX is a Spanish family business based in Valencia, Spain.
The company, founded by Mr. Fernando Maestre in 1949, is specialized in designing communication and access control systems, both digital and analogue, enjoying a prominent position among the world leading brands.
FERMAX currently has subsidiaries and representative offices in Belgium, China, Colombia, France, Poland, Portugal, Singapore, Spain, Turkey, United Arab Emirates and United Kingdom.
Our products are also sold in another 80 countries.

Exclusive partner for India

With subsidiaries and representative offices in 11 countries, FERMAX is placed among the most important brands in the world.


  • An advanced management monitor, with hands-free communication, digital audio quality and high definition video.
  • It incorporates a capacitive touch screen that offers an intuitive experience for the user, thanks to its graphic icons and LED notification indicators (missed calls, messages, do not disturb).
  • Available in 7 inches.


  •  Allows intercommunication between other monitors in the same house as well as with other apartments.
  • The monitor manages 7 alarm zones that can be activated or deactivated according to 3 scenarios or modes: HOME, AWAY and NIGHT. Alarms are reported to counseling and management software.
  • It is possible to activate up to 8 external relays through ref.1616.
  • Visualization of up to 8 IP CCTV cameras.
  • Direct power from the PoE switch.


  • The owner will be able to access his home safely. By showing the proximity card the elevator control system will enable access to the floor of your apartment.
  • The visitor will be able to go up the elevator on the ground floor and access only the resident’s floor, simply by opening the door when a call is received.
  • An interesting formula to improve security in large residential projects.


1/W VIDEO MEET PANEL is presented in two different versions: one version with IC reader, the other one without reader. 


  •  Aluminum Profile
  •  High Resistance Tempered Glass
  •  High Definition Colour Camera
  •  Low Power Consumption
  •  Wide Range Working Environment
  •  Linux Modular Structure
  •  Access Control Integrated (Only for Panel with Reader)
  •  Available In 10 Languages
  •  Remote Firmware Update FUNCTIONS CALL TENANT Visitors are able to call the desired tenant from 1L panel. Alternatively, it can be configured to call one guard unit acting as an emergency call panel. REFERENCES Ref. 9533 1/W VIDEO MEET PANEL Ref. 9534 1/W VIDEO MEET PANEL (+ PROXIMITY) Ref. 9543 MEET PANEL FLUSH BOX – S.
    Not compatible with Lift Control function