Board of Directors

Executive Directors

Mr. Dabir Shaikh - Mechanical & Marine Engineer with more than 4 decades of experience in the marine industry, with technical and administration background. A recipient of gold medal from the President of India for outstanding achievement and performance at Mazgaon Dock Ltd., Western India’s reputed shipyard at Mumbai.
With his extensive experience in Administration and Finance, he provides vital inputs in the management of personnel and financial planning at Innovative.
Mr. Maqsood Shaikh - Electronics & Telecom Engineer, a leading light and visionary behind the organization. After a stint with GTL (Global Telesystems Ltd), he started Innovative in 1994. He was a pioneer in introducing the fax machine to the business industry in the late 1980s.
With the vast experience at his disposal acquired from his previous engagements, and a burning ambition to enter the electronic security business, which was practically a non-existent sector at that time. He started a small firm viz. Innovative Systems & Services in the year 1994, which was subsequently incorporated in the year 2000 as Innovative Ideals & Services (I) Pvt. Ltd. During this period, Maqsood’s strongest focus has been on after-sales service, which is a keyword in the industry and which most other companies tend to ignore. The emphasis on excellent after-sales service is one of the hallmarks of Innovative. It has contributed towards a sharp and high-paced growth for the company.
Ms. Tazyeen M. Shaikh - B.Arch of Pune University. With her extensive experience in designing and construction with eminent architects like Hafeez Contractor, Iqbal Cheney, and builders like Kalpataru Ltd., she is the key person involved in defining product selection, designing & placement for all of Innovative’s major projects. She is also a qualified management professional and is involved in project management.

Non-Executive & Independent Directors

Atul Shashikumar Vaidya
Preethi Ramesh Narayanan
Anwar Ismail Baig